JSPS Summer Program 2012
1. Program schedule
2. Fellowship
3. Insurance
4. Lodging Arrangements
5. Airport Meeting Service, Etc.
6. Report and Questionnaire
7. Japanese language
8. Others
9. Useful website for travel in Japan
Air Ticket Arrengement

This page covers the same contents as "Terms and Conditions for JSPS Summer Program 2013" which is enclosed in the award letter from JSPS.

1. Program schedule

June 11 (Arrival) ­August 21 (Departure), 2013

11 June Arrival in Japan at Narita International Airport International Garden Hotel Narita
12 June Opening of the Program
Hold an opening reception
Shonan Village Center (SVC)*
12 - 17 June Orientation session**
18 June Move to host institutions Accommodation arranged by the respective host institution
19 June - 19 August Research experience at host institutions
20 August Move to Tokyo
Hold a research report presentation meeting and a farewell party
Hotel Grand Palace
21 August Departure from Japan  

In principle, Fellows must stay in Japan for the entire period of the program. If for an inevitable reason, a Fellow has to leave Japan or be absent from the orientation session and research report presentation, he/she is required to ask the nominating authority, JSPS and the host researcher for permission. For details of the temporary leave, see “7. Obligation.”
If a Fellow wishes to extend his/her stay in Japan after the program ends, he/she must receive approval from his/her host researcher, and inform the nominating authority and JSPS of such by e-mail. The same is applicable for a Fellow who wishes to arrive in Japan before the program starts. If the period of a Fellow’s stay in Japan is for more than 90 days inclusive of the program period, JSPS will provide him/her with only one-way ticket and will not provide him/her with maintenance allowances for the extended period.

* During the orientation period, Fellows will stay at the “Shonan Village Center (SVC)”,
except for 15, 16 June, during which time they will stay at host families' houses.
** When decided, details of the orientation session will be posted on the JSPS website at the following address:

2. Fellowship

1) International travel

JSPS will provide round-trip airfare (a discounted economy ticket) between the international airport nearest either the institution to which you are currently affiliated or your residence, and Narita Airport in Japan. Please note that regardless of your arrival/departure dates or your inbound/outbound Japanese airports, during the program period from 11 June to 21 August, you will be required to follow the established schedule: to stay at the specified hotels in Narita on 11 June, at SVC between 12 - 17 June, and at the specified hotel in Tokyo on 20 August.

Flight bookings are made by JSPS's designated travel agency, Kintetsu International, based on JSPS regulations. To arrange your air tickets, please refer to the enclosed instructions, “Registration for JSPS Summer Program air ticket and individual data” from the agency. Please note that JSPS cannot reimburse you for an air ticket you purchase yourself nor can JSPS provide airfare in the form of a cash payment.

2) Allowances

The allowances listed below will be paid immediately upon the commencement of the fellowship by remittance to a bank account which your host researcher designates*. (The allowances can be deposited directly into the Fellow’s own bank account only when s/he has a bank account in Japan.)

a. Maintenance Allowance: 534,000 yen**
(JSPS will cover the following expenses separately from the allowance: hotel room charges at Narita and Tokyo, and meals and accommodation charges at the SVC.)

b. Domestic Research Trip Allowance: 58,500yen

* As you will attend about a week-long orientation session before you move to your host institution, you will need to bring at least 50,000 yen with you to cover incidental expense during the session and to pay for your domestic travel from Tokyo to your host institution.
** For U.S. researchers, the National Science Foundation, the nominating authority in the U.S. for this program, will cover one-fourth of the stated amount of your maintenance allowance.
** For Canadian researchers, NSERC, the nominating authority in Canada for this program, will cover a part of the stated amount of your maintenance allowance.

3) Form of Joint Research

If it is thought that a disagreement may occur with regard to intellectual property rights on outcomes (e.g., patents, software) of the joint research, the Fellow, his/her host researcher and host institution should negotiate and establish an agreement on their disposition in advance.

That the Fellow understands the collaborative research is to be conducted under the guidance of the host researcher should be confirmed by the host researcher in advance. If this should not be the case, the Fellow and host researcher should discuss and agree upon the form of collaboration in advance.

When applying for patents or other intellectual property rights, you should first notify your host institution’s administrative office of (1) that you intend to make such application and (2) that the subject research was conducted under this JSPS Fellowship Program. You are advised to confirm in advance the rules and regulations governing patents and other intellectual property rights on research results obtained in Japan or during your fellowship tenure.

3. Insurance

Under the Overseas Travel Accident Insurance Policy in force between JSPS and its designated insurance company, Nipponkoa Insurance Co., Ltd., all Fellows under the program are insured collectively during their stay in Japan (up to a maximum of 90 days) to cover the costs of possible accidents and/or damages caused by or to Fellows while in Japan. Details concerning the insurance policy can be found in the enclosed insurance description, “A Guide to the Insurance Policy for JSPS Fellows,” provided by the insurance company.

4. Lodging Arrangements

JSPS does not arrange lodging for Fellows at their respective host institutions. It leaves these arrangements entirely to the host researchers and host institutions. Please, therefore, check with your host researcher about your lodging well in advance of your arrival.

Please be reminded that apartment rental in Japan can be expensive, particularly in large cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. As the allowance provided to Fellows under the program is to cover their subsistence and lodging costs over the entire 2-month period, Fellows are strongly advised to ask their hosts to arrange public domicile, e.g. at international students' lodges or dormitories of the host institution, for them.

If you should make lodging arrangements by yourself, you must notify the hosts of such as soon as possible.

5. Airport Meeting Service, Etc.

As for transportation between Narita Airport and a hotel near the airport, you will be able to take a shuttle bus. You may seek assistance at Kintetsu International counter in the airport. (The location of the counter is shown in the map attached to “Registration for JSPS Summer Program air ticket and individual data.”) Fellows who arrive before 11 June will not be able to use services like baggage delivery offered by JSPS and Kintetsu International.

All the Fellows will move from Narita to SVC by buses charted by JSPS on 12 June.

As for transportation between the SVC and either to Tokyo Station or Haneda Airport, you will be able to take the chartered buses arranged by JSPS. JSPS does not arrange meeting services to escort Fellows from the Tokyo station or Haneda airport to your host institution. You, therefore, are advised to seek instructions in advance from your host researcher on such transfers as from Tokyo Station/Haneda Airport to the nearest local station/airport to your host institution and from the local station/airport to your host institution. Particularly, if you want someone to meet you at the local station/airport, you should ask your host researcher to arrange it for you. (If you should need any assistance in arranging train/air tickets, please contact Kintetsu International, the travel agency.)

6. Report and Questionnaire

Each Fellow will be requested to submit a report on the research work s/he carried out during the program. The form is enclosed and can also be downloaded from http://www.jsps.go.jp/english/e-summer/pro2013/main.html.

* The names of Fellows and their host researchers as well as their research themes and reports are subject to public disclosure.

7. Japanese language

During your tenure, you are to concentrate on your research related to this program.

JSPS may withdraw the fellowship, stop allowances (including that for air tickets), or request the return of money already paid the Fellow if it judges that any of the following circumstances pertain:

The fellowship has been awarded on the basis of false statements in the application form;
The Fellow has, without obtaining the prior consent of JSPS, made some alteration in the duration of his/her stay in Japan;
The Fellow is being prosecuted for, or has been convicted of, a violation of Japanese laws or regulations; or
When JSPS determines it necessary to cancel a Fellow’s invitation or withdraw his/her fellowship.
Fellows must stay in Japan continuously during the fellowship tenure including the orientation session and research report presentation. If for an unavoidable reason or for inevitable research activities, you must leave Japan, please be sure to ask JSPS, your nominating authority and your host researcher for permission. The duration of stay in another country must be within one week, regardless of the reason for departure. When you leave Japan, you must reimburse a portion of your maintenance allowance equivalent to the absence. The procedure of reimbursement will be undertaken by your host researcher.

8. Others

1) Intensive Japanese language training will be conducted during the orientation period. Details of the language training session will be posted on the JSPS website at the following address: http://www.jsps.go.jp/english/e-summer/pro2013/main.html

2) Participants are advised to divide their luggage into two: one for use during the orientation period and the other for use at the host institution. The second one may be sent directly to the host institution from your hotel in Narita. The baggage weight limit depends on the airline; see its website for detail. If you should exceed these limits, you will be charged an extra fee.

3) You are also advised to give your host researcher your email address and bring your personal computer to SVC so that you can keep in close touch with him/her via email during the orientation session. Connection points are available for free of charge in the premises of SVC.
* Wired LAN in your room
*Wireless LAN in the lobby of SVC
4) There are not enough single rooms for everyone at the SVC, so please be prepared to share a twin room with another participant.

5) To introduce the program to potential candidates in subsequent years and others interested in conducting research in Japan, we would like to use some pictures and videos taken during the term of fellowship, the pre-departure seminar (in the U.S., Germany and the U.K.), the orientation and the research report presentation session in JSPS’s and Sokendai (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)’s brochure and/or on its website.

Your individual photograph may, therefore, appear in these media, but please be assured that your personal information, such as your name, phone number and address, will not be disclosed. Your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.

6) The secretariat for the program is JSPS’s Overseas Fellowship Division. Sokendai will assist it in coordinating the orientation, Japanese language training and the research report presentation meeting.

9. Useful website for travel in Japan

At these sites below, you may find useful information for traveling in Japan.

10. Air ticket arrangement

Flight reservation