General Information for Participants

1.Reception & Cloak
On-site registration. Certificate issuing, Cloak and other general inquiries are available during the following hours at the venue.
Date Open Hours
July 3, Thursday 16:00-18:00
July 4, Friday  8:30-18:15
July 5, Saturday  9:00-16:15

<On-site Registration fee>
Full Registration: 30,000JPY
Banquet Ticket for Accompanied Person: 5,000JPY
Only payment in Japanese yen in cash or credit card are acceptable.

2. Welcome Reception
Welcome Reception will be held at “Restaurant VISTA” at the 2nd floor of venue from 18:00 on July 3, 2014
3. Banquet
Banquet will be held at Sapporo Beer Garden on July 4, 2014
4. Exhibition
Exhibition will be held at 1st Floor.
Date Open Hours
July 4, Friday 9:00-18:00
July 5, Saturday 9:00-15:30

Instruction for Chairs

1. Arrival
Chairpersons are requested to be seated at the next chairs' sheet located in the right front of the hall no later than 10 minutes before the start of the presentations.
2. Session Progress
Chairpersons are asked to ensure that all presentations start and finish punctually as scheduled. Staffs will assist with timing. Remaining time will be notified with lamp signal as follows;

Yellow Lamp: at 3 minutes left to the end of talk
Red Lamp: time for discussion

Instruction for Oral Presenters

1. Time Allocation

nvited Lectures:
Presentation 20 min. + Discussion 5 min. (Total: 25min.)

Oral Presentations:
Presentation 7 min. + Discussion 3 min. (Total: 10min.)

2. Presentation Materials
All the oral speakers should come up to "Speaker Ready Desk (on the 1st floor)" at 30 min. before their presentations to upload and check their ppt files. Only Powerpoint for presentation on a LCD video projector is accepted. Oral presentation room will be equipped with the following items:

A PC running Windows 7 operating system, with MS Office (Powerpoint 2010 version) . an LCD projector, a microphone, a pointer

The presenter should bring his/her presentation file in a format compatible with the above applications and stored in the USB drive (flash disk) or a CD-ROM. For movies, films and animations, the presenters must confirm that they work properly, sufficiently before presentation.
If the presenter wish to use his/her own computer to his/her presentation, he/she has to bring the computer to "Speaker Ready Desk" at least 30 min. before their presentations to confirm his/her presentation file.
Each presenter is reminded to arrive at the “next speaker seat” at least 10 minutes before his/her presentation. Please keep the allocated presentation time.
3. Laptop Computer

If you use your own laptop computer, we ask you to bring your presentation file in USB or CD-ROM for back up as well.

<Technical Requirements for Your Laptop Computer>

●Ensure that your computer is equipped with the proper monitor connector (mini D-sub 15 pin).
If your computer does not have this connection, please bring an appropriate converter with you.

●Be sure to bring an AC adaptor. Please note that voltage in Japan is 100 V and the frequency ranges 50-60 Hz depending on the area (50 Hz in Sapporo).
The socket is type A, which has two flat plug holes. If your laptop is not convertible,transformers and/or plug adaptors are necessary.

●Adjust the settings to prevent activation of the screen saver of power-saving mode.

●Please bring your computer to the preview desk in the hall at least 30 min. before your presentation.

4. Timing

In order to maintain the schedule, you are requested to keep time allocation strictly.
Remaining time will be notified with timer signal as follows;

Yellow Lamp: at 3 minutes left to the end of talk
Red Lamp: time for discussion

Instruction for Poster Presenters

1. Set-up/Removal
Set-up Removal
July 3, Thursday 16:00-18:00
July 4, Friday 8:30-9:30
July 5, Saturday  16:00-17:00
* Any posters remaining on panels after the removal time will be discarded by the secretariat.
2. Poster Presentations

Odd numbers: July 4, Friday  13:20 − 14:05
Even numbers: July 5, Saturday  13:20 − 14:05
During the allocated time, presenting authors must be available at their posters for questions and discussion.

3. Dimension


Dimension of the useable work area are 150cm high by 90cm wide.

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