2017Japan IT Week TOUR| Kinki Nippon Tourist


For the upcoming Japan IT Week Autumn 2017, Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. has been appointed to handle the arrangement for accommodations for participants.
Please make a reservation as early as possible, since room availability is limited.

Rooms in the following hotels are available at a special discount rate from Tuesday, Novenber 7 to Friday, Novenber 10.

No Hotel
(All rooms With Bathroom)
Room Type Room Rate (JPY)
No meal
( per room)
With Breakfast
( per room)
1 Hotel New Otani Makuhari Single 20,800 23,000
3 HOTEL The Manhattan Single 18,300 19,400
4 Hotel Green Tower Makuhari Single 11,300 12,800
5 HOTEL FRANCS Single 12,400 13,400
6 Hotel Springs Makuhari Single 12,400 13,400
7 Hotel New Tsukamoto Single - 7,200
Above rates are per night per room including service charge and consumption tax.

(Rooms rates are quoted as of July. 14, 2017)

What is included in the price

Room rates are per night, including service charge and government tax.

Deadline for the application

Tuesday October 17, 2017.

Amendment & Cancellation Policy

You may cancel the reservation by paying the cancellation fee as given below.

20-8 days prior to the date of stay 20% of the charge
7-2 days prior to the date of stay 30% of the charge
On the previous day of the date of stay 40% of the charge
On the day of stay before 2:00 p.m. 50% of the charge
After the date of stay 100% of the charge

How to apply

1) Please fill in the "Hotel Reservation Form" with hotel name / number of rooms you would like to book, and then send us by e-mail.
  Application by telephone is not available.

2) Payment should be made by credit card.

  The following credit cards are acceptable: Mastercard, Diners Club, Visa, American Express, JCB.

3) Note that the total amount for your accommodation will be charged within one week upon receipt of the application form.

4) KNT will send you a confirmation for hotel reservation within 5 days upon receipt of your application form with your authorized signature. If you do not receive confirmation within 5 days, contact them directly, since your Fax may not have been delivered properly.