On behalf of the Kobe Marathon, KNT, the official travel agency for hotel accommodations, will assist participants and supporters of the Kobe Marathon 2018 for hotel reservations.By selecting a hotel from the list below, you will be able to book your hotel accommodations. Please read the following details before making hotel reservations. We advise participants to book hotel reservations early to ensure the availability.

We offer wonderful gift sets of Kobe Marathon themed goods for reservations made through site (limited to one set per person).

The deadline for accommodation reservations is THURSDAY, October 18, 2018


The registration time has ended.


Terms of use

We offer multiple accommodation plans for the Kobe Marathon. If you have any questions about reservation methods and plans on offer, please inquire as directed below


Kintetsu Online Booking Authority Reservation Office
Kintetsu International
Kobe Branch
Kobe Marathon Hotel Reservation Desk

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