JSPS Summer Program 2020

Air Tickets Arrangement

To the participants of JSPS Summer Program:

We are Kintetsu International, the travel agent that will be helping you make arrangements for your trip to Japan.
All the steps required can be done on line.

KNT (Kintetsu International Co., Ltd)

Open: Monday- Friday 9:30am - 5:30 pm (Japan time)

Close: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 29th Apr to 9th May

E-mail: jsps2020-ecc5@or.knt.co.jp

Phone: +81-3-6891-9305   Fax: +81-3-6891-9405


To receive a round-trip ticket, Fellows are obligated to arrive on the first day of their tenure and leave Japan on the last day of their tenure.

A round-trip air ticket can be provided if you and your Host agree to extend your stay in Japan before/after your fellowship (up to 90 days including of your fellowship tenure) for the purpose of compiling your research results.

On the other hand, if the length of your stay in Japan exceeds 90 days including your tenure, JSPS will not pay the cost of either your inbound or return ticket.

To extend Fellows' stay in Japan before and/or after their fellowship, their Hosts must submit Form 9 to JSPS via their Institutions in advance. Form 9 must be submitted before the end of the fellowship tenure.

JSPS will take no responsibility for you nor will it pay you any allowances during the extended period other than the air tickets (round trip or one way, depending on the length of stay in Japan), so please stay at your own risk.

Additional expenses incurred by changing tickets, etc. will be borne by the Fellows. Please note that the research support allowance cannot be used for expenses incurred before and/or after the fellowship tenure.


  • Please click next button below and click "Registration" button as first step.
  • Enter the password issued by JSPS and proceed registration.
  • Once you completed registration, you will receive your Registration Number and Individual Password. Be sure to write them down. You will need your Individual Password to make any changes.
  • As soon as we have arranged your flights, we will email you the flight information.
  • In principle, JSPS provides air ticket from the major international airport nearest to the places (see below options) to major international airport nearest to your host institution by way of the most direct and economical route.
    Fellows are not given a choice of the airline to be used.
    • (a) The institution to which Fellows were affiliated at the time of application
    • (b) The home address stated in Fellows' fellowship application
    • (c) A major city within the Fellows' country of nationality
    • If you wish to make special arrangements, you will need to pay extra fee by credit card. More details will be informed by the email after the registration.
  • Please note that JSPS cannot reimburse you for an air ticket you purchase by yourself.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email.
  • Please register required information at least 40 days prior to your departure.
    If you apply after this deadline, it may not be possible to arrange the flight reservation you desire.


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