Hokkaido Marathon 2023
ENTRY for Overseas runners
Sapporo, Hokkaido
Date 27th August 2023

KINKI NIPPON TOURIST CO. LTD.(KNT), the official travel agency of Hokkaido Marathon 2023, has provided the official accommodation plan with guaranteed entries to Hokkaido Marathon 2023 for overseas runners and their companions.
You can select either only Entry(the right to run) or Entry with accommodation.
Residents living outside Japan need to apply through this page. Please check the Outline before proceeding to entry.
For participants from China, Taiwan, Korea, please contact the authorized agencies written on the official HP, and they'll support your entry.

※Not tour contract

Application from 2023 /4/2(Sun) at 18:00 (on a first-come, first-served basis)
Entry system will be closed as soon as the number of entry reaches the limit.
Entry Fee 22,000JPY ※Charity 200yen included. ※Tax included.
Entry Type Full marathon(42.195km)

※Agent-Organized Domestic Tours

Application from 2023 /4/2(Sun) at 18:00
Deadline Rooms will be sold on a first-come,first-served basis.
Early purchase is recommended.
Check-in 2023 /8/25(Fri)
Check-out 2023 /8/28(Mon)
Includes Entry fee(runners only) *except for companions (non-runners)
Accommodation fee (Aug25-28 / 3nights in total)
Breakfast included per night (except for Hotel Route-Inn Sapporo Ekimae Kitaguchi)
10% consumption tax and service charge
Incidental charge (drink or food fee, laundry fee, Telephone fee etc.), Voluntary Travel
Insurance are not included.
Minimum number of participation 1 person
Eligibility requrements Participants of Hokkaido Marathon 2023
Tour conductor Not Available
Kids Same price as adult for secondary school students
Children under elementary school age may sleep with an adult for free. When they use bed by themselves, same price as adult is required.

Accommodation (25th August ~27th August)

Application Period

from 2023/4/2 (SUN) at 18:00 *Japan time (on a first-come, first-served basis)
! Entry system will be closed as soon as the number of entry reaches the limit.

Accommodation dates

25th August, 26th August, 27th August

Date Itinerary
Day 1 Check in at the hotel by yourself.
*Registration opens from 13:00 to 20:00
Day 2 Free All Day
*Please complete each particiation reception at Odori Park in Sapporo City
*Registration opens from 10:00 to 20:00
Day 3 Hokkaido Marathon 2023 starts at 8:30am
Day 4 check out of the hotel by yourself.

Accommodation Information

Hotel Price
*Currency : JPY
Including Entry Fee Tour Room Only  
(For Runners) (For Companion only)
(1 person use) (2 people use) (1 person use) (2 people use)
Single bed with bathroom Twin beds with bathroom Single bed with bathroom Twin beds with bathroom
SAPPORO VIEW HOTEL ODORIKOUEN ¥121,000 - 99,000 - 3 minutes to Start area on foot
ROYTON SAPPORO ¥95,000 ¥75,500 ¥73,000 ¥53,500 5 minutes to Start area on foot
HOTEL MONTEREY EDELHOF SAPPORO ¥100,500 ¥86,000 ¥78,500 ¥64,000 7 minutes to Start area on foot
HOTEL GRACERY SAPPORO ¥88,000 ¥77,000 ¥66,000 ¥55,000 10 minutes to Start area on foot
HOTEL ROUTE-INN SAPPORO EKIMAE KITAGUCHI ¥66,500 (※) - ¥44,500 (※) - 12 minutes to Start area on foot
SAPPORO TOKYU REI HOTEL ¥87,500 ¥73,500 ¥65,500 ¥51,500 12 minutes to Start area on foot

(※) Hotel Route-Inn Sapporo Ekimae Kitaguchi will offer complimentary buffet breakfast.

  • The rate shown above is per room for 3 nights 4 days including breakfast(except for Hotel Route-Inn), 10% consumption tax and service charge.
  • Please click here to check each hotel location.

Hotel Information


  • Address:8 Odori-Nishi Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0042
  • Location:Walk 5 minutes from Exit 1 of Odori subway station
  • Room:TWN Room (1 person use) *TWN room is being used instead of SGL room
  • Breakfast:from 6:30am~


  • Address:Kita 1 Nishi 11 Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0001
  • Location:Walk 3 minutes from Nishi 11 chome subway station
  • Room:TWN Room (1 person use) *TWN room is being used instead of SGL room
    TWN Room (2 people use)
  • Breakfast:from 7:00am~


  • Address:Kita 2 Nishi 1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0002
  • Location:Walk 2 minutes from Exit 22 of Sapporo Subway Station
  • Room:SGL ROOM(1person use)/ TWN Room ( 2 people use )
  • Breakfast:Breakfast from 7:00am~


  • Address:Kita 4 Nishi 4 Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0004
  • Location:Walk 1 minute from Sapporo JR station
  • Room:SGL ROOM(1person use)
  • Breakfast:from 6:30am~


  • Address:Kita 7 Nishi 4 Kita-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0807
  • Location:Walk 1 minute from Sapporo JR station
  • Room:SGL Room ( 1 person use )
  • Breakfast:from 6:30am~


  • Address:Minami 5 Nishi 4, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 064-8509
  • Location:Walk 1 minute from Susukino Subway Station
  • Room:SGL ROOM(1person use)/ TWN Room ( 2 people use )
  • Breakfast:Breakfast from 7:00am~

Accommodation Notes

  • All rooms are basically non-smoking rooms, however, please kindly understand that smoking rooms might be provided depending on the room vacancy.
  • In case you prefer to stay at smoking room, please send us the request by e-mail.
  • If you would like to stay before Aug25 or after Aug.28, please send us the request by e-mail.
  • Item not included in the Tour Price :Meals and beverage unless mentioned, baggage handling or transfer, laundry, telephone and any other expenses of a personal nature. Charges and expenses other than those specified in the preceding article are not included either.
  • Sharing a room with other guests is not accepted.

Procedure for registration

  • Click "Online Registration" below, and proceed to the online form.

  • Select course

  • Enter your personal Information

  • Select accommodation

  • When you complete registration you will receive a notification to your specified E-mail address.

    *Please take a note of provided ID and password and keep them safe.
    They are required for revision of your registration data.

    *Please receive specified domain.

  • Proceed to payment.

    *When your payment has been confirmed, your reservation has been completed.
    *If you cannot make a credit card payment or if the payment completion e-mail is not delivered to you,
    please e-mail us h-inbound@or.knt-h.co.jp.

    *This payment system uses 3D secure (personal authentication service) which is the security service by Veritolance. Once the settlement fails, it cannot be made again. If your payment fails for any reason, please e-mail us


  • All payments must be made in Japanese Yen (JPY) by credit card through Online Registration.
  • Payment only available by credit card.
    We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB.
    ※Drawer of this online payment transaction will be “Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd.
  • Payments by credit card will be accepted from April 2, 2023.
  • The due date for the payment is May 31, 2023. Please note that payments will not be accepted after this date.
  • If you do not complete the procedure by the designated date, your right will become invalid and you will not be able to participate in the race.
  • your reservation will then be confirmed with full payment.

Change / Cancellation of the hotel reservation

  • Any change or cancellation of the hotel reservation must be made by e-mail to Hokkaido Marathon 2023 Secretriat for overseas runners. (h-inbound@or.knt-h.co.jp)

【① Entry Fee / Cancellation charge】
100% cancellation charge will be charged after the confirmations of your entry and payment of your entry fee.

【② Entry + Hotel / Cancellation charge】

20 to 8 days prior to the check-in date 20% of the tour price
7 to 2 days prior to the check-in date 30% of the tour price
1 day before the check-in date 40% of the tour price
On the day of check-in date (Monday through Friday until 18:00, Japan Time) 50% of the tour price
Cancel without notice 100% of the tour price

※Refunds will be made upon with deducting credit card service charges and the cancellation penalties.

※The cancellation charge is applied from the first day of accommodations. It will be charged 100% of the tour price after starting of the tour.

※In case that the cancellation is not notified by 6:00pm at the date of start of the tour, it regards as the cancellation without a contract and the tour fee is not be refunded.

※The date and time of the change and cancellation will be based on the working hours. After working hours, cancellation will be made next working day, which may incur charge.

Terms & Conditions

Please read "Tour Terms and Conditions (Domestic Trip)" before making a hotel reservation.
*You shall be deemed to have agreed to comply with the terms & conditions when you have made a reservation for the accommodation.
*KNT and the affiliated hotel shall use personal information within the scope necessary for arranging and providing the applied services.

Planning Company Address/Applications and inquiries

HOKKAIDO MARATHON 2023 Secretariat for overseas runners
Company: Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd. Sapporo Group Travel Branch
Address: NX Bldg., 6F, 2-1, Kita3 Nishi2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0003, Japan
E-mail: h-inbound@or.knt-h.co.jp
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 10:00 am-5:00 pm
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Government Registration Number: Japan Tourism Agency No.2053
Phone: +81-11-251-0011
Full member of Japan Association of Travel Agents
Member of the Compensation Security Bonds System
Member of Travel Agency Fair Trade Council


Certified Travel Service Supervisor:KEIJI YONETA
A Certified Travel Service Supervisor is responsible for supervising all transactions at the sales office where your travel arrangements are made. If you have any questions about your travel contract, please feel free to contact the Supervisor specified above.

Date of quotation: March 31, 2023
Registration No.: 6044-23-03-0026

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