WFRS 20th World Rose Convention
2025 in FUKUYAMA
The information of Pre and Post Tours

We will hold six days tours specializing in roses around the time of WFRS 20th World Rose Convention. These tours are for rose lovers, visiting some of Japan's best rose-growing areas and WFRS Award of Garden Excellence Winning Rose Gardens. The pre-tour before the convension will cover Western Japan, while the post-tour after the convension will do Eastern Japan. This is a unique opportunity to make close connections with rose lovers from all over the world.

Pre Tour List

Tours will be conducted prior to the main convention,
visiting major rose gardens and other famous sites in Western Japan.
Tour Period:May 12, 2025 (Monday) to May 17, 2025 (Saturday), 5 nights and 6 days.

Pre Tour 1

Tour to the Setouchi and Sanin regions, including the World Heritage site Miyajima Island, where Rosa sambucina grows

Pre Tour 2

Tour to the Kyushu region, including the area along the Kumagawa River where a colony of Rosa multiflora var. adenochaeta thrives

Pre Tour 3

Tour to Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, and Setouchi Triennale as well as rose gardens in the Kansai and Shikoku regions


Post Tour List

Tours will be conducted following the main convention,
visiting major rose gardens and other famous sites in Eastern Japan.
Tour Period: May 25, 2025 (Sunday) to May 30, 2025 (Friday), 5 nights and 6 days.

Post Tour 1

Tour to the ancient capital of Kyoto and rose gardens in Shiga and Gifu Prefectures

Post Tour 2

Tour to rose gardens in Echigo and northern Kanto Regions

Post Tour 3

Tour to rose gardens that have been awarded the WFRS Award of Garden Excellence


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Online Registration

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The contract will be concluded upon our approval and acceptance of the travel fee (including the application fee), and the conclusion date will be the date on which we accept the travel fee. If payment or transfer is not made, the reservation will be considered as not having been made.
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