ZMPC2015 International Symposium on Zeolites and MicroPorous Crystals 2015

Plenary Lectures

Plenary Lectures

Prof. Ferdi Schüth

Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, Germany

Tentative Title
"Porous polymers as catalysts and catalyst supports"

Dr. Giuseppe Bellussi

Eni S.p.A., Italy

Tentative Title
"Hybrid organic-inorganic, crystalline or pseudo-ordered, porous silicates"

Prof. Michael Tsapatsis

University of Minnesota, USA

Tentative Title
"2-dimensional zeoltes: from high-quality exfoliated nanosheets for thin film formation to self-pillared nanosheets for catalysis and adsorption"

Prof. Minoru Miyahara

Kyoto University, Japan

Tentative Title
"Fluids in Nanopores and Adsorption-driven Structure Transition of Compliant Crystals"

Dr. Qianjun Chen


Tentative Title
"Innovations in Zeolite Synthesis and Applications at UOP"

Prof. Tsuneji Sano

Hiroshima University, Japan

Tentative Title
"High potential of interzeolite conversion as an alternative method for zeolite synthesis"

Special Lecture

Dr. François Fajula

CNRS. University of Montpellier, France

Tentative Title
"Green Sustainable Science and Technology Supported by Worldwide Researchers' Community for Micro- and Meso-porous Materials"

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