ZMPC2015 International Symposium on Zeolites and MicroPorous Crystals 2015


Oral Program … (Updated. June 26, 2015)

Poster & RRR Program … (Updated. June 19, 2015)

Time Table … (Updated. June 26, 2015)

*These programs and schedules are the ones as of the published day and may change without notice.

Free Luncheon Seminar Invitation

Luncheon Seminars will be held from June 29th (Mon.) to July 1st (Wen.) at “Room A”. A free special boxed-lunch will be served for participants. We will issue “Luncheon seminar ticket” on the day of the Luncheon Seminars at “the luncheon seminar ticket distribution desk” (next to the reception desk). Bring the ticket to Room A, exchange the ticket to the boxed-lunch and enter the room. We also prepare a boxed-lunch for vegetarians.

As numbers are limited, tickets will be issued (on a first-come-first-served basis).

Distribution of ticket:
The tickets for the seminar will be distributed each day
Open at 8:30 AM-11:30 AM
At luncheon seminar ticket distribution desk (next to the reception desk)
Seminar room location:
Room A

All Luncheon seminars are supported by petroleum refinery, petrochemical, catalyst and analytical instruments companies.

Luncheon Seminar Schedule

Moderator: Ken-ichi Simizu (Hokkaido Univ.), Teruoki Tago (Tokyo Tech)

June 29th (Mon. ) 12:30~13:30

Petroleum refinery process
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.
JX Nippon Oil & Energy Co.

June 30th (Tue. )  12:20~13:40

Mitsubishi Chemical Group Science and Technology
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

July 1st (Wen. ) 12:40~14:00

Catalyst & Analysis
Nippon shokubai Co. Ltd.
TOSOH Corporation
JGC Catalysts and Chemical Ltd.
MicrotracBEL Corp.

Oral Presentation

Plenary Lectures: 60min
Special Lecture : 30min (including discussion)
Keynote Lectures: 30min (including discussion)
General oral presentations: 20min (including discussion)

We will ring a chime after 25min and 15min for keynote lectures and general oral presentations, respectively. Please finish your presentation leaving several minutes for discussion.
We prepare Windows PC installing PowerPoint2013 and Adobe Acrobat Reader in the session rooms. Please install your presentation file with the file name of your presentation number (e.g., OB01, OD28) into the PC prior to your session.

Poster Guidelines

In our conference, there are 2 sessions of poster presentation as follows:

[Poster session 1]
June 29th (18:30-20:00)
Poster Number: P1-001 – P1-119, RRR1-001 – RRR1-020
[Poster session 2]
July 1st (14:00-15:30)
Poster Number: P2-001 – P2-120, RRR2-001 – RRR2-020

Your poster should not exceed 90 cm (width) x 150 cm (height).

Please make sure that you hang your poster on the board with your poster number.

Please remove your poster after the session.
Please note that the organizing committee will not be responsible for the posters that are left in the poster board after the session.