International Session for Young Researchers

Date & Time
September 25th, Friday, 2015
Yoko Satta
Yusaku Nakabeppu and Jun Gojobori

This is an international session for young researchers in genetics. Because research field of this session is not specific, attendance of young researchers from different fields are very welcome! Participants of this session will have an opportunity of communication beyond the field and have a fruitful discussion. Six speakers have been selected for this session. Three of them are from overseas (two from Taiwan and one from China). The remaining three speakers were selected from foreign students or postdocs in Japan, who submitted their abstracts for oral presentations.

Molecular analysis of the site-specific recombination mediated by XerA from Thermoplasma acidophilum
Minji Jo (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Fission yeast CENP-T nucleosomes promote the isochromosome formation in centromere
Jie Su (Osaka University, Japan)
Genome-wide identification and classification of G protein-coupled receptors in fish genomes based on conserved domain signatures
Jinn-Jy Lin(Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Brain gene expression profiling in the fire ant, Solenopsis invicta: division of labor and colony form.
Dang Viet-Dai(Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Study on the Origin of Fibromelanosis using Genetic Comparison between Indonesian Cemani Chicken and Other Domesticated Chickens
Anik Budhi Dhamayanthi (SOKENDAI, Japan)
Accumulation of genetic incompatibilities across cycles of isolation and migration
Ming Yang (Sun Yat-Sen University, China)

International Session for Young Researchers(若手研究者の国際セッション)を以下の要領にて開催いたします。


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