About the conference

The IWA Specialist Group on Particle Separation previously organized its international conferences including Seoul, Korea (2005), Toulouse, France (2007), Durham, USA (2009) and Berlin, Germany (2012). The next conference will take place in Sapporo, Japan. It will be jointly organized by the IWA Specialist Group on Nano & Water, which held their last conference in Monte Verita, Switzerland(2011). This jointly held conference is a forum for science and technology of particles with a wide size range. It will bring together specialist researchers and professionals from universities, municipals, manufactures, consulting, and other industrial sectors. Delegates will gather to share and exchange advances, innovations, operation experiences and results.

Conference Themes

  • Advances in particle science and characterization and in basic mechanisms of particle separation processes
  • Occurrence of natural and synthetic nano- and microparticles in surface waters and wastewaters
  • Progress in particle removal technologies, such as coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, flotation, filtration, low pressure membranes (ultra- and microfiltration)
  • Practical use, full-scale experiences and optimization for these removal technologies, including automatic control
  • Emerging technologies for particle removal
  • New treatment chemicals for particle separation
  • Fate, stability and transformation of engineered nanomaterials in urban wastewater system
  • Handling of sludge containing nanoparticles
  • Advances of nanotechnology-based applications in the water sector (including polyfunctional membranes, nanocatalysts, and reactive nanomaterials)

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