Infomation Applying Japan Entry Visa

Please check if you need an entry visa. It depends on your nationality, citizenship, etc. Please ask the nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate or please see this website. The registration secretariat will provide the general visa application for this international symposium.

Step (1)
Please fill this form (MS-Word file) and send us by e-mail.
These information written below are necessary to make your documents.
We will prepare the necessary documents based on your information, and send them to you by EMS.

Step (2)
Please submit the documents to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate.
You will then receive the visa.


It takes a few days for steps (1) about one week to receive by EMS, about 10 working days minimum for step (2). So, you should start as soon as you can, we suggest two or three months before the conference.
The information about your flights and hotels are ALWAYS necessary to apply visa. You must book air tickets and hotels beforehand.
If you will be accompanied, please give us the necessary information about them as above. In general, you can apply for visas together, but in some cases you must apply separately, if, for example, your schedule in Japan is quite different; your passport type is different. Please ask the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate and decide how you will apply.
If your schedule demands that you stay in Japan for a longer time, you may want to apply for another type of visa, for example, if you plan to stay at an institute to contribute a joint thesis, you plan to give lectures at a university or you plan to visit relatives. Please ask the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate and decide how you will apply. Be sure to finalize details with other parties if you plan to stay beyond the period of the Conference.
You can get more information in details on the website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please note that VISA application should be submitted after his/her registration and payment process have been completed.

In order to obtain a visa, you have to pay a visa fee to the Japan Embassy or Consulate.
Additionally, there will be a 5,000 Japanese yen handling charge for drawing up the visa application form and documents, if we must assist in the documents. This charge also should be cleared by your credit card account.

For inquiries, please contact Conference Secretariat of Particle Separation 2014 (c/o Kinki Nippon Tourist Hokkaido Co., Ltd.)

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