The IWA Specialist Group on Particle Separation takes great pleasure in inviting you to Advances in particle science and separation: from mm to nm scale and beyond, which follows the successful conference 2012 in Berlin. This conference is jointly organized with the Specialist Group on Nano & Water. This partnership will bring together researchers and professionals from a variety of fields and provide a forum to share their latest findings.

  Particle separation is still recognized to be a very important element in water quality control. Many issues remain unresolved and new issues caused by nano-sized particles make them more complicated. The conference will highlight the latest improvements and achievements in particle separation processes, and behavior of particles with a wide size range in water will be discussed.

  Please note that the conference dates coincide with a busy season for tourism in Sapporo. Travelers are advised to make hotel and travel reservations early to ensure availability. Although Sapporo markets its food and climate heavily to tourists, skeptical minds should not jump to the conclusion that they are over-hyped: they are really great!

  On behalf of the committee members, I encourage your participation, either as a presenter or as a delegate, and look forward to welcoming you to Sapporo for this exciting joint conference.

Yours sincerely,

Katsuki Kimura
Hokkaido University
Chairman of Specialist Group on Particle Separation

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